Alliance Rules and Policies

The following post is meant for alliance members of India Elite – Dominations Game Team. In the light of repeating the same information for new members , this is to be considered as centralised information source and the go to authority, unless anything better comes up .

  1. WAR BASE DONATION – Only members with the best troops currently in the alliance are allowed to donate on war bases. As of writing this now, field howitzers of atomic age are the best bet . Next is British rifles of Atomic Age. Next is Bazooka of Atomic Age. Next if riflemen/SMG of Atomic/Global age. If anything else is found on the war base, it should be discarded and re-requested on game chat .
  2. WAR COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF – Every war will have a designated war commander / war chief/ commanded-in-chief/CinC, which is someone who can run a war successfully and adapt to changing situations on war day. But members are expected to act reasonably in case war chief is not available. Other co-leaders can also pitch in when designated war chief is unavailable.
  3. WAR PARTICIPATION – There is a reason we launch war participation campaign (something like “war in 24 hours, gargan is in , who else ?” ). Members will NOT be automatically included in war, and you will have to explicitly say “in/out” in the alliance chat . No response means out automatically . Reason being – what if on the war day you are really busy , but forgot to update the war button to “unavailable”. So now if you are included and expected to make a critical attack , and you do not show up, then the war maybe lost. Hard hitters/consistent performers have double moral duty , as their attacks can make or break the war. Its better to keep unconfirmed higher ranked members out , than get them in and invite more tough opponents , as there wont be enough CAPABLE warriors to take down the equally capable tough opponents.
  4. WAR DAYMembers are expected to make their first attacks within first 12 hours of the war start. This helps is planning round 2 attacks . When in doubt follow the WAR PLAN sent to inbox of every alliance member. After 12 hours , if you do not attack your designated round 1 target , then depending on the situation , the target may or may not go to someone else. Don’t make a fuss about it then please. On the war day , its important to listen to the war chief. His decisions will be more apt depending on the ┬ásituation (of course after consulting the members involved) and hence final and binding. Unless and until the alliance feels that the decision was stupid, there is no reason for any member to quote any part of this document against the decision of war commander on war day. Still if a problem arises, then members should appreciate that the war commander would have a more wholesome picture considering his experience in the alliance.
  5. War Day Donation for Offense – Set explicit troop message while requesting. Donaters please try to confirm to what is being asked (or higher age/more powerful troop in similar category). Please do not give a tank , when artillery is asked, unless the requester confirms in chat. The requester must be having a strategy in mind.
  6. Non-War Day Donation for Offense – On non war days , we allow even lower level members to donate troops IN THE SAME CATEGORY, to increase their troop donation count. Example – if i ask a howitzer and get a ballista on a non war day┬áthen the donater is not at fault. I can either just flush that ballista , or use it , but i cannot complain. There are two reasons for this – (a) Lower aged troops should get a chance to donate , and (b) i believe in a PvP battle if you are too dependent on higher age more powerful alliance troops, it shows a lack of skill on your part. One should focus on winning their pvp battles with whatever troops they have. Thats one way of improving skill as well. The end result is better for you and the alliance.
  7. WAR PARTICIPATION PART 2 – It has been asked by many people in the alliance that if they keep their war button on , then I should take them in by default and let me reiterate THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS. Reason given above I point 3. Extending that point , sometimes some members are included in war , even when they have not asked to be in during the recruitment campaign . There could be 2 reasons for this a) The war chief sees your past activity levels and assumes that you will be active in this war as well , and (b) extremely low level inactive players get added to reduce the overall offense+defense points of the alliance , which the matching algorithm uses. Higher this number , tougher the opponents. So its wise to get this number just right so that we have enough attackers to cover the opponents AND not to invite super tough opponents. So if you did not opt in , and still got included in the war , you have an option of not attacking, and the war commander will not assign you targets . You could still attack (bonus for alliance) , but you won’t be blamed for not attacking in this particular case.